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Get Traffic from Reddit (Reddit Tips)

Posted by Mohsin On 6/29/2012 04:53:00 PM No comments

reddit the best social bookmarking siteReddit is another social bookmarking site closely resemble to Digg. But it is not just a social bookmarking site. Every day thousands of visitors visit Reddit. Those visitors are looking to read the fresh and original content. If you have good content it will help you to bring thousands of visitors to your blog within few minutes. 

How Reddit Resembles;

Even though it closely resemble to Digg, it is little bit easy to get traffic from Reddit than Digg. This social bookmarking site consists of a Front page similar to Digg. If your post appears on Front page your blog/website will get millions of traffic within minutes.  So if you don’t have an account on Reddit, this is the best time to make an account to enjoy this amazing bookmarking network.

The appearance of your post on Reddit is depending on the number of votes you earn from Reddit members. If you have an interesting content they will vote your story. You need minimum of 20-30 votes within first one to two hours to reach the Reddit Front page.

On the other hand there are few sections located on Reddit which is similar to Digg Newsrooms. Those are called subreddits. You can post your stories to those Subreddits as well. It is easy to reach the Reddit Front page through these subreddits.

How to submit a link to Reddit

The easiest way to submit your stories to Reddit is by using Reddit Bookmarklet. By using this bookmarklet you can easily submit your stories and other web pages on Reddit and Subreddits. If the link is already submitted it will take you to the link where you can vote or comment.

Apart from that you can add social bookmarking widget to your blog in order to post your link on Reddit and other social bookmarking sites.

What is Reddit Front page?

This is the most important page for all the webmasters. It consists of top 25 links. All are looking to bring their posts on to Front page of Reddit. It all depends on thenumber of votes you earn from Reddit members. As I describe earlier it required minimum of 20-30 votes to reach Reddit front page.

How Subreddits Work

Subreddits can be called as sections of Reddit. Simply several subreddits collectively make Reddit. All the top stories from subreddits will appear on Reddit front page. For this process you need less number of votes. So my advice is to post your stories on subreddits. Then it is easy to bring it on to Reddit front page.

How long stories will remains on Reddit front page

According to my observations usually popular posts can remain on the front page about 20-24 hours. But this is not always true. It depends. Then it slowly descends to the second and third pages.

What are Top Links?

The links hits the top spot of Reddit is preserved as Top Links. It is not that easy to bring a story to this stage. The stories that hit the top spots get a number in light orange color. The best way to learn how it works is by experimenting on Reddit.

How to become a power user on Reddit

As your stories getting votes, you will earn karma. Depending on good and bad karma your rank will be promoted or demoted respectively.

How to make a Network on Reddit

1.      Post private messages to members first and add then as your friends

2.      Then vote good posts that people posts on reddit actively

3.      Comment on reddits others posted

4.      Submit whatever content you feel important to others

Few Tips to getin to Reddit front page

1.      Make your profile complete

2.      Post regularly on reddit

3.      Be active on Reddit

4.      Send targeted messages to friends on Reddit

5.      Join reddit facebook groups and ask your friend to vote on your stories

6.      Add Reddit social widget to your website

7.      Make constructive ideas and criticisms on other’s stories


Reddit is one of the best social bookmarking sites to get millions of traffic to a blog/website. Bringing stories on to Reddit Front page is the most important for driving traffic. Everything is depending on Votes you earned from Reddit members. So be active and become a imported person on Reddit to enjoy all the features.


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