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The Google Removal Tool (personal info)

Posted by Mohsin On 6/12/2012 12:43:00 PM No comments

Google Denied My Removal Request (404,meta tag,robots.txt)

This is part ONE of FOUR pages that offer advice and explanations as to why Google has denied your removal request.
  1. Complete removal of result, the webmaster as ALREADY removed the url (404 error) or instructed google NOT to index the page.
  2. The web page still exists but the webmaster has removed the offending information (ie your name or personal info).
  3. The site refuses to help you. Can Google remove sensitive personal info?
  4. Remove inappropriate content from Safesearch filtered results.

Option 3 In The Google Removal Tool (personal info)

Option 3 in the Google removal tool will reveal several forms you can use to remove the following pieces of personal information that may appear in the search results:
  1. Social security or ID number in search results
  2. Bank account or credit card number
  3. Image of handwritten signature
  4. Full name or business name appears on spammy adult site
All of these forms are reviewed manually and they will usually take action or respond to you within 5 days. If you are asking them to remove a spammy adult site that contains your name then it may take a bit longer – usually 10 days.

Reasons For Denial

Because the forms are reviewed manually it is very difficult to find out exactly why a request was denied or why you still see the unwanted search results.
If you are unfortunate enough to have received a denial then read my checklist and feel free to submit another request to Google:
1) Duplicate pages – web sites often create several pages that contain the same content. That means you may have to send several removal requests to Google. One request per page (url).
2) The page is no longer indexed by Google – check  that the url is still in Google’s index, remember they can only remove a result if it contains the offending info. They won’t remove a page just because it contains a link to another page which contains the info.
3) Double check that you are pasting in the correct url – must be of the original web page, not of the search result page.
4) Name on spammy porn page – these requests are only successful if your name appears on an adult site that is spamming the search engine. If you see a violation of the Google Webmaster Guidelines then it would be considered spam. If the site isn’t spamming then they will not accept your removal request.

Contacting Google by Telephone or Email

I am not aware of anyway to contact them directly by telephone/email etc. The forms are the best way to request removal of this sensitive information. If you don’t see a form that matches your issue then please my guide to removing search results from Google.


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