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How To Asses the Quality of a Backlink

Posted by Mohsin On 6/29/2012 08:51:00 PM 1 comment

“High quality backlink” is a term we can’t forget, while we are considering on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Almost all the webmasters uses this term while they are speaking on SEO. It is so popular. But most of the youngsters asks us “What is a  high quality backlink?” , “how do I get a high quality backlink” and “How to measure the quality of a backlink?”. So I searched to provide a simply described source on above mentioned topics. But I couldn’t find any useful and simply described article on these topics. So I thought to make a post to answer these questions by myself in simple terms.

what is a high quality backlink

What are the factors which determined the quality of a backlink?

#1. Page Rank of the blog/website which gives you a backlink

Page Rank (PR) is one single vital factor which determine the quality of a backlink. If you have a backlink from higher PR page, it will be considered as a high quality backlink. The search engines prefer sites with high quality back links rather than the sites with poor quality back links. Hundreds of poor quality back links may be equal to one high quality backlink. So what you need to do is make more back links from sites above PR 3. This will improve your search engine visibility.

2. The relationship of the content of that site to your site

A backlink from same niche sites are considered as high quality backlinks. Just think you are writing on mobile phones blog. But you have a backlink from a cosmetic blog. That particular back link is not considered as a high quality backlink. But think you have a backlink from another mobile site with higher page rank instead of cosmetic site, then that particular backlink is considered as high quality backlink. You got my point?

3. Quality of the content of the blog that provide backlink

The next important factor which related to quality of a back link is the content of the niche site. If you have a link from a low quality content, it can’t be considered as high quality back link. But just think you have a link from a site which consists of rich related content, it will be the ideal for you to climb the ladder on search engine ranking.

4. Number of out going links that your niche site consists of

The number of out going links that your niche site have will play a vital role in the quality of a back link. If you have a backlink from a website which has thousands of out going back links, the link you got is not considered as a high quality backlink. If your niche site consists of limited number of out going links, the links that you got has a higher value. That is one reason why we are not providing more than two links for a guest post. That is why we are not accepting spam comments. We need to maintain the quality of the blog to provide high quality backlinks to our guest authors.

5. Type of the domain name

By mentioning the type of the domain name, what I meant is whether your links are from a TLD (Top Level Domain name or from a Sub domain name. Search engines gives more weight on TLDs. They consider backlinks from TLDs are higher quality than those from sub domains. That is one of the reasons that Google webmaster tools is measuring the amount of back links from TLDs. So always try to get a backlink from TLD.

6. Extension of the domain

This is also an important factor in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Most SEO experts are telling links from [dot]gov, [dot]org, [dot]edu are higher quality than the backlinks from other domain extensions. But by my experience it is not that easy to get back links from .gov and .edu domains. If you can get back links from those extensions it may be a good move in your SEO strategy.

The above mentioned factors will determine the quality of a backlink. The next problem most people ask is “How could I get high quality backlinks?” But what I feel is you already know how to get those. I’ll listed them out for you,
1. Making effective Comment on blogs/websites
2. Guest posting on PR blogs/websites
3. Forum posting has a value on SEO
4. Starting a link building Strategy
5. Take appropriate keywords while making anchor texts
6. Adding social bookmarking widgets to your blog

The Next thing you will asks from me, may be how to measure the quality of a backlink? and what are the tools that we can use to measure it?  aren’t you? The answer is there are no tools to measure it. All the tools are biased. So no point of trying to search a tool for measuring the quality of a back link.

Anyway the above mentioned methods are a small list, there are thousands of methods for link building and SEO. If you want you can read my ebook on Web Traffic Made Easy to learn lot more methods which are used to make more and more backlink and traffic to your blog.


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