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Sharing Information and Viral Content

Posted by Mohsin On 6/13/2012 09:38:00 AM No comments

Both printed content, such as newspaper and magazines and online content has the possibility to go viral or not, although printed content publishers realize that there is greater control how popular written content can become when using the web.
Although web content has a greater possibility of becoming viral due to the greater accessibility over the Internet, what are the reasons that render content viral in the first place? To find out where the possible answers lie, the issue of why certain content goes viral and other does not can be approached in two ways.
Ask yourself why people share information in the first palace and what kind of information do they typically share? By answering these questions you can get a clearer picture of what people want to know about and what interests them the most.
We know why videos and articles go viral in the first place, as these include those that engage and interest the public serving a definite purpose. Content that is boring and irrelevant will definitely not go viral. To discover what it is that entertains and interests the large majority of the public, marketers work hard on surveys and research work.
Research is conducted by using statistical patterns and feedback forms, as well as other scientific surveying methods; however, these results are not exhaustive taken alone. In fact not much is really understood as far as the pattern of viral content is concerned, as there does not seem to be a particular group of interest that will generate viral content for sure. All you can do is find out what common interests and traits people share the most and work from these.
Ask yourself why it is people share words, images and videos? The answer is that this makes them feel well and accomplished. It is a human trait we all share, as we like to receive a certain gratification for what we are showing, even though we do not know anything about the people looking at what we have to share.
Self-esteem is a major psychological trait we all share and this drives us to share in order to receive compliments. People need to be respected by others and they want to feel they belong to a group and social sphere. Many people use tweets to help them with this need as a survey carried out by the Consumer Insight Group proved that people share because they need to define themselves as a specific tier of the community as well as to enrich their lives.
Although this may be pretty general as a concept, you can delve deeper and study the different tier of the communities and specific interests they share. The main traits remain, as people usually share to promote their profession or activity, or others want to let the public know about a certain cause. Whichever their purpose social networks are used as they offer a larger span of understanding and sharing, while standard blogs or websites are either too specific or subject orientated.


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