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How to Increase Alexa Ranking of your Blog

Posted by Mohsin On 10/19/2013 06:02:00 AM No comments

The Alexa Rank in its time had a good importance for the SEO, however, these days is already losing its importance due to the changes in the algorithm that Google applies from time to time.

boost alexa rank

The network displays information about visitors of a website, which in turn classifies this in a ranking, also generates an estimated statistics about visitor traffic and links pointing to the website.

In a few words, the Alexa Rank does not directly affect SEO, but rather serves as a reference for measuring the traffic type, popularity by country and other metrics, although some companies that have a ranking below 100,000, whose purpose is to make room for their business are carried away by the web site.
For others more skeptical, the Alexa Rank is an essential part for search engine optimization and I will not contradict this, since everyone has their opinion on this aspect. If you would like to enrich or have a good Alexa Rank of your website, here I present some ways to do it and with short-term results.

how to improve alexa rank

5 Ways to Increase the Alexa Rank

Daily Content: Try to publish at least 2 articles per day and within a month you will start to notice changes in alexa ranking, guaranteed.

Install Alexa Rank widgets: Besides notifying about the results of your alexa ranking, it also makes an estimation of the backlinks to your website. There are three types of widgets: button with ranking and links, the other one with the ranking only and finally a graph with daily records of visits. Traffic Widgets

Alexa Toolbar: From experience, I highly recommend installing the Alexa Toolbar, because when we access a website, Alexa takes it as important visit and thus, better results in the ranking. And of course, it will give you information about the links of a web site, popular pages, reviews, and more features.

Request a review: To calculate the alexa ranking of a website, besides taking the amount of daily and monthly visits, the number of reviews or opinions made with stars also play a role in the ranking. Ask your users or purchase alexa opinions about your website.

Number of backlinks: As I said earlier, the number of visits and reviews about your website used to calculate the alexa rank and the total number of quality backlinks, increase more the chances of achieving a favorable ranking for your website.


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