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Make Money Using Adware Traffic

Posted by Mohsin On 6/25/2012 09:46:00 PM

Make more then 2000$ in a Day

Step 1:  Put Your Thinking Cap On…
●    Understanding The Concept
●    Getting Started
Step 2:  Getting Your Cash
●    Choose Your Money Source.
●    CPA.  (Most Recommended.)
●    Affiliate Offers
Step 3:  Legally Stealing Your Competition’s Traffic
●    Getting Your Keywords
●    Getting Your URL lists
Step 4: Taking Action
●    Generate Inconceivable Money

Ready? Set, Let’s Roll.

To get a good ranking in Google you either have to find good long tail keywords and optimize your pages or you have to spend your life savings Pay Per Click. Not that these methods don’t work, but there are a lot of headaches involved. Namely your competition, if not Google itself.
This post is about none of this. I will show you step-by-step how to free yourself from this headache and tap into a relatively unheard of traffic source for mere pennies. Not only that, but I will give you an exact blueprint on creating yourself a powerful income stream.
Also DO NOT take what I am about to show you as some unrealistic played out scheme, many super-affiliates have been using adware traffic methods to create unbelievable incomes on the internet, it’s your turn now.
When I first implemented this method, I was completely shocked by the results. People have been using this underground method to make over $1,000 per day. Using adware traffic is the most recommended source of income.
Of course, I’m not going to BS you. You will need to get things properly setup and scaled accordingly.  However the lucrative possibilities are there, and this is just the beginning.  Once the process sets in, it’ll take less than 20 minutes for the system to kick in and for you to manage accordingly. The process is automatic, but you’ll need to do some slight tweaks of roughly the same time to keep it profitable based on certain results.
This is a powerful technique. And I will show you the entire process of building your own income stream. Not only that but I have gone ahead and given you the advanced strategies for even more profit. Some of these advanced strategies can help increase your conversions further through just a few simple but creative changes.

Why You’ll Be Laughing at your competition soon:

One word of caution though. If you want to be entirely ethical, then this system may not be for you. But I’m sure you know that since you are reading this post.
While your competitors are busy trying to build traffic the hard way and spending untold amounts of money on PPC campaigns, you’ll be able to swoop right in and profit from their  hard-earned traffic through bypassing the system with alternative traffic sources.
This powerful traffic source and how to full leverage it correctly with a simple process, will be discussed later on. This is entirely legal and you’ll be able to laugh at the simplicity of the process, instead of worrying about PPC costs or search engine rankings. With that said, let’s get into the meat and potatoes.

Step 1: Put Your Thinking Cap On…

Understanding The Concept:
The key to this system is a type of software called adware. Adware ads can be displayed or downloaded when certain sites are being visited. These ads usually come up in the form of pop-up windows or even pop-unders.
Sometimes you could simply be just visiting a search engine and typing in a search and the ads will appear out of nowhere.
This usually has nothing to do with the site itself, rather it comes directly from the downloads you have made in the past. This includes any program that requires you to install adware if you have to run a program. Sometimes these are done without the consent of the user. However, we will be focusing on discussing the first type.
These adware ads also do not appear out of thin air. There are companies that organize all of these adware programs in order to build up traffic for their network. This allows them to easily build up a network of millions of users that have these adware installed on their computers.
That’s millions of  targeted traffic that you can tap into for mere pennies per visitor. How it works is simple, you’ll just be paying these companies the same way you would for PPC. In other words, you’ll be bidding for top keywords.
The highest bid will be the one that gets shown and usually most keywords are going to be roughly less than five cents at most. That’s also without worrying about quality score, your sales copy, or bidding insane amounts.
As you can see, most popular keywords can actually be won for roughly $0.01 for on average!
Conversion rates will be slightly lower through this type of traffic because it is adware. However the low costs will more than make up these conversions and will net you a much higher profit. There are lots of adware companies that you can use to increase your profit but I will list the top companies for you.
Now you may be wondering how this ties into stealing truckloads of traffic from your competitors. I will be showing you how you can do this later on in this report. Trust me, this will make you tons of profit if you do this right. So don’t stray from the fundamental steps.
Getting Started
To get started, you want to sign up to the various adware traffic networks. You should always do your own research when it comes to finding the right network. Some are more trustworthy than others in terms of traffic and how the ads are displayed to the end user. However, here’s a list of networks to get you started. Again ask them any necessary questions that you want first, and then choose whether you want to go with a particular network. In no particular order:
Zango has more than 20 million consumers with tens of thousands of new users opting in every single day. Personally, I have used this one and conversions weren’t the greatest. Others who have used Zango also reported mixed results. This could be due to the fact that Zango is one of the more aggressive adware companies when it comes to being installed onto the consumer’s computer. Zango is the most popular service when it comes to using adware traffic.
-Media Traffic
MediaTraffic has a growing audience of about 15 million users. They also feature multiple ways of purchasing traffic. Here’s how MediaTraffic describes their network:
“Media Traffic delivers permission-based contextual advertisements to Vomba Network users. Our proprietary technology is designed to be effective for advertisers while remaining relevant to consumers.

Vomba Network provides end-users with complete transparency, privacy and control. Vomba Network does not collect any user identifiable information. Leading the industry in ethical distribution, Vomba Network creates, hosts and distributes its own products eliminating third-party distributors. This ensures the integrity of the Vomba network.
MediaTraffic.com is certified under the “TRUSTe Web Seal Privacy Program.”
From a user’s standpoint, this network is pretty good because it shows that the traffic source is more legit. The TRUSTe seal verifies that all adware that comes from this network are consensual. This means that the ads will be better received. I’ve also have very good experience with my own conversion rates with this network.
- TrafficVance

TrafficVance is a good network for those who are on a tight budget. With this network, you will be able to deliver full-page ads to targeted traffic. This network claims to have the highest ROI out of all the other adware networks. I personally think TrafficVance is a good choice because it allows maximum control over your advertising budget and activity. I’ve had good conversions on their network as well, although it may differ depending on the offer you are running.
Here’s also a list of other networks worth checking out:
Questions you should ask the CPA affiliate manager before using them:
1. Where do the traffic come from?
2. Are they TRUSTe verified?
3. Are there any high quality companies that use them?
This will help narrow down your choice in terms of choosing which network to use.    If needed, even blast them an email or give them a phone call to verify how their network runs.  It’s always best to be smart about spending on a particular campaign.
To get started, I recommend signing up for 1 to 2 networks to get your feet wet. After you’ve selected the networks you wanted to use, you would want to go about finding a way to monetize you traffic. This will be explained in the next chapter.
Hint:  My personal recommendation is to always go with a TrustE certified company. Again with the traffic source being consensual, it will just mean that the visitor understands that adware company is upfront for having ads displayed on their computer.  This is good for you since yours ads are better received, thus helping your conversions and increase your profit.
Step 2: Getting Your Cash
Choose Your Money Source:
There are three main ways of monetizing the traffic you get from your adware networks. These are selling your own products, affiliate products, or using Cost Per Action (CPA) networks. CPA is the most recommended way of monetizing your traffic because you aren’t required to sell anything. All you need to do is get others to perform a certain action such as signing up for a free trial. You may also make money by generating actual leads using this type of traffic if you wanted to and sell them off. However, we will be discussing these 3 main sources only inside this section.
CPA (Most Recommended)
CPA networks are the most recommended source of income. This is how people in the underground have made over $1,000 per day.  It may seem like a lot, but if you scaled it up and undersatnd the process, this is definitely achievable over time.  CPA networks, also gives you a diverse way of making money with many
different offers in various niches. For simply signing up to an offer that can even be free, you may be paid up to $10, $20, or even $50 per sign up. This is potentially a lot of money if you leverage it correctly using adware traffic.
If you haven’t done so already, I recommend that you sign up for the various CPA networks that are out there.
Keep in mind that not all CPA affiliate managers will be accepting adware traffic, so you should always ask before using adware traffic with them. However, many do accept it, and it is just a matter of preference between managers. You may also do this without asking by using redirects, and if asked, claim that you are doing PPC. Although I highly recommend signing up for a different CPA network that accepts adware traffic.  It’s just better to be upfront about it, and get CPA affiliate managers to understand your process better.  Nonetheless, here are some CPA networks you should look into:
- Copeac

This is a cpa network that I highly recommend. Their support is excellent and I never have any problems with their payment as they have always been on time.  I’ve also spoken to my cpa affiliate manager with them, and they have accepted adware traffic. So if you haven’t already, I suggest you start out with this cpa network first. They don’t have the most number of offers available, but this is due to them being strict on advertisers. The offers that are available are of high quality and range from $1 to over $30 per lead.
I’ve also started using RevenueLoop and have great results from them.  How it plays out will remain to be seen.
Here’s a list of over ten other CPA networks you should definitely check out and sign up with:
Once again, I highly recommend that you use CPA networks in conjunction with the method found in this post. This is where your main source of income should be and what you should focus on monetizing. This post will also refer to CPA income for simplicity.
After you’ve been accepted into CPA networks take a look at some of the offers in there. Take note of what CPA offers you are interested in promoting, because some niches will do better than others.
Hint: Always Inform your CPA affiliate manager that you are going to do heavy advertisements and promotions. Try to negotiate for a higher payout to increase your profit and ask for an opinion of offers with the highest converting leads. Most affiliate managers are helpful in the regard. Never limit yourself with a CPA offer to go with, no matter what the niche.
Affiliate Offers
Most CPA networks have sale based commission as well so if you are already signed up with CPA networks, this may not be necessary. However, certain networks will focus more on sales such as Clickbank or Linkshare. If you are also an affiliate, then promoting your offer through adware traffic is also possible. However, this is not recommended, even though this is an option that you can choose to use. This is because it is harder to sell products through adware traffic rather than from actual sign ups that are free to the consumer.
Your Own Products
Another option that you can use is selling your own products versus affiliate products. However, you will run into the same problem as affiliate products because it is sales based. The plus side is that you can use it to generate leads for yourself through opt-ins. This can work out perfectly since you are able to profit by having leads and getting a sale. You also have full control on your own offers. Obviously the downside to this is that you do not want to be associated with adware traffic even though it is legitimate. You need to weigh in the risk properly by yourself. Again this is an option that you can choose to use if you wish to have a cheaper alternative to PPC traffic to sell your own products.
Step 3: Legally Stealing Your Competition’s Traffic
Pay attention to this chapter because this is where all the nitty-gritty details are.
Your focus on this step is to get as much traffic as you can from spying on your competition. The traffic and keywords that your competitors have built up with their own marketing efforts can be used for your own benefit. This is what makes adware traffic so powerful, because you can fly under the radar without having
to deal with search engines or expensive PPC ads. By now, you should have the following:
1. Joined at least 2 adware networks
2. Gotten accepted into at least 3 CPA networks.
3.  Looked around for CPA offers and decided on the ones you would like to promote.
If you have all this ready, it is time to begin this section.
Getting Your Keywords
First thing you need to do is build a good sized keyword list using your competitors. To find out who your competitors are and the keywords at the same time, you will need tools like Spyfu.
- Spyfu

This tool will allow you to see exactly who your competitors are and their URL. For example if you typed in “dating” you’ll get:

These will indicate your competitors for you based on the keyword that you entered.  Simply just click on their URL and you will get the ENTIRE list of keywords your competitors are using for their PPC campaigns.
It will also allow you to see which ones are successful.
These will be the same keywords that they are trying to rank for and are spending on PPC ads.
Do you see how powerful this is?
Using this, create a big list of keywords to target based on your CPA offer. You should have roughly over 200 to 500 keywords easily without any effort.
All by leveraging your competitor’s traffic!  Instead of competing with them for
PPC you now have much cheaper traffic sources, and bypass the whole system!
If for some reason you run out of keywords, you may simply go to a FREE keyword research tool like traffic travis.
Narrowing down:
Be careful with choosing the right keywords. When it comes to adware traffic, the wrong keywords are just a waste of money and time. You use the knowledge you have about PPC and never bid on broad keywords. For example, no bidding on words like “dog” or “cat”. You should instead bid on “buying doghouses for terriers” and “healthy foods for Siamese cats”. Keep the keywords long-tailed and descriptive and your conversions will increase.
After narrowing down, you should have a list of keywords that’s ready for testing. Now you would want to go even further and leech even more from your competitors.
Getting Your URL lists
Yes, it is possible to go even further with adware traffic. You can even get traffic from the URLs of your competitors. This means every time somebody who has adware on their computer goes to your competitor’s URL, your ad will show up whether it’s typed in traffic from the address bar or from clicking on a search engine result.
What does his mean?
Simple. If your competitor ranks high for a keyword, you will just get traffic from it. Once again, this is very powerful.
The process isn’t that different from keyword selection that we already went over. Here is what you need to do.
1. Use Traffic Travis to or a similar tool to find common keywords related to your CPA offer.  For example your results for “dog training”.
2. Copy and paste the top 15-20 keyword results as a list. The list size is
entirely up to you and nothing is set in stone.
3. Choose the top keywords that you want from this list of 30 and put them into your favorite search engine such as Google.
4. The search engines will give you the top 10 results for the keyword.
Simply record the top 3-5 site’s URLs for this keyword.  Repeat this step for all the keywords that you have chosen from the list.
5. If you want to expand this list of URLs, just visit Quantcast. Put in a single
URL and it will give you a list of competing sites. http://www.quantcast.com
More competitors means more traffic for you!
Step 4: Taking Action
Generate Inconceivable Money
Now that you have all your keywords, it is now time to put them to good use.
If you followed these step you should by now have enough keywords using your competition to put into the adware networks that you have selected. This will yield you plenty of traffic for your CPA offer.
Simply just go to your selected adware network such as Mediatraffic and put in all of your keywords and your destination page for your CPA offer. To illustrate this, here’s how it would look like in Mediatraffic.  Do note that every adware network looks slightly different, but functions the same way.

Obviously, all of these keywords should point to your affiliate link that you get for your CPA offer. This should be your “Destination URL”.

Do note, that if you chose not to tell your cpa affiliate manager (as mentioned earlier), then it’s best to setup a redirect URL to the offer that can’t be tracked. Lots of scripts can do this, they are found with a quick Google search.
Setting up a redirect can also be used for tracking your conversion rates easier. Of course this can also be done by seeing how much traffic your site is bringing in and how many leads you are generating from your respective CPA network.
As I have mentioned, negotiating can be very useful if a particular offer is not converting too well. Getting a account manager to bump an offer from $10 to $20 can do wonders.
With all this setup, you should be trying to create a profitable campaign. So track your results daily as well as weekly and shave off the keywords that do not bring in a good amount of traffic for you and converting.
You are then free to find even more keywords using the steps outlined in the last chapter or even setup an entirely new campaign for a separate offer. The trick is to maintain a healthy profit margin for every campaign that you run.  Each campaign will add to each other’s profit and build up your income further.
Do not be surprised to see thousands of visitors coming in for just a few keywords.
By now you should have completely understood the basics. And should be thoroughly informed about the adware traffic method and should be able to increase your profit online and aid into earning you mega online profits.


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