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Learn How To Design An App And Start Generating Passive Income Right Away

Posted by Mohsin On 5/27/2012 11:12:00 PM No comments

Guide for designing a App:

Many people wonder how to design an app and historically it has been a very complicated process. Traditionally, apps could only be created by developers and software coders that have deep technical knowledge.

This has completely changed now and the average computer user can now create their own app in a short space of time and get it live on iTunes.

There are many different types of apps and they have changed the way that people interact with their handsets. The mobile phone has now become a central tool to organise your social life, work outside the office, and play games and now you can tap into this lucrative market and learn how to design an app.

There are different ways to earn money from apps, they include charging the user to download the app. This works well but will give you a one-time revenue when in fact you're looking for regular recurring revenue.

The most popular regular revenue stream from apps is to have advertising within the app itself. Companies will pay up to £9 for every time the advert is clicked and you can now discover how to design an app and make this kind of money.

There are many different programmes out there that will teach you how to design an app. They will range in their quality but you need to ensure that the programme you choose has clear step by step instructions and will result in a finished app by the end of the course. The best course will show how you market it within the online store and how you should price the app. If you've ever had the thought " I wish there was an app for...." you can now turn that thought into a reality and start to earn huge amounts of revenue regularly. If you get your app in the top 100 on iTunes you can earn anything from $500-$10,000 every single day. Some of the most popular apps including Angrybirds and Smurfs, have generated tens of millions for the developers.

The best course that describes how to design an app will teach even the most basic computer user how to turn that idea into a reality. You do not need IT skills and there will be no coding. Just very straightforward instructions. You do not need to create a highly complicated app to generate huge income. Some of the simplest apps out there are ones that generate the most income for the creators. It could be an app that has one single function and nothing else. It will still earn you money and if you give it away for free and then have "in app" advertising it can return large profits.

The best thing that you will discover when you learn how design an app is that once you have finished it and made it live, you can sit back and watch the revenue come in. In two short weeks your product is ready and then after that it will generate daily income. You do not need to market it actively because you are riding on the most popular platform which gives you the best exposure there is right now. After that, you can then move onto the next product straightaway whilst you earn.

Don't waste any time, learn how to design an app and start earning income by the end of the month!


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