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Yahoo Messenger Dual or Multiple Login

Posted by Mohsin On 5/27/2012 11:59:00 PM No comments

Yahoo Multiple ID creation allows you to open two or more yahoo messenger id or accounts in one computer only. One accounts per yahoo Messenger Application. Yes, you can open multiple yahoo messenger application if you have already configured it, unlike with usual application that you cannot do it. It is a simple trick in your Registry editor; you will do it with-out using third party software.
Why I need Multiple Yahoo Messenger? It is a huge advantage to a user that having may accounts on yahoo. You will not going to sign-out from one account to sign in again into another account.  You can sign in all of your accounts together.
Follow the steps below on how you manually configure your multiple yahoo messenger application.
This method is for Windows 7 and Windows Vista Operations system, Windows XP down may vary in some steps.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Click on Start
2. Type "regedit" without qoutes on Search Programs and Files Textbox and Hit Enter.
3. Click "Yes “on User Account Control (USC) When Prompted to allow access on your registry editor.
4.Navigate to HKey_Current_User\ Software \Yahoo\Pager\Test on your Registry editor window.
5. You will notice the default registry entry which was value not set. Right click to create a new Dword Value.
6. Rename your dword value to “plural’ without quotes. Rename it or else it will not became effective.
7. Double click your plural Dword and set the Value data to 00000020, Hexadecimal Base and click OK. Close your registry editor.
You can now open your yahoo messenger as many as you can by hitting its
shortcut icon.


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