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Buy Traffic For Your Blog – Is It A Good Practice!

Posted by Mohsin On 6/29/2012 04:32:00 PM 1 comment

What is paidtraffic?

Almost every one of us knows it is an internet advertising model. You post adverts on other popular sites. Those adverts can be links to your site or they can be simple impressions to make people aware about your blog. Every paid-traffic costs some money if you opt for pay-per-click model. There are flat-charge models too.

Paying for web traffic is good?

But as a blog owner when you should consider buying paid traffic? And the answer is when that cost makes sense.

1)    If you maintain a blog as a sub-domain of your business site, paid traffic makes sense. Every visitor to your blog is a visitor to your business domain too. And you get opportunity to make money from those paid traffic.

2)  In case you are an affiliate marketer then paid traffic can boost your affiliate performance. You have to divert the traffic to the sites you are affiliated with.

3)      You have quality content and still not getting much footfall – paid traffic can help. Initial paid traffic, if your content is useful to them, can share your blog with others. And if that happens, organic traffic starts snowballing.

In any other cases, paid traffic should be a last resort. There are many other ways to improve your blog’s ranking and online visibility. You should try them first.

Inexpensive and effective way outs:

1)     Consistent supply of useful and quality content never fails. Be regular. This is the most important but often-overlooked secret behind any successful blog.

2)      Use simple search engine optimization techniques. Research your keywords and phrases and follow the trend. Study what other bloggers are doing. How they are handling their keywords? Keyword research gives you an idea on what to write about too. If your blog on ‘salt water aquarium fishes’ and there is no much traffic for such phrases, then you have to change your topic.

3)     Leverage your social networking presence. There are plenty of people on social media sites waiting for fresh and interesting content. Share link with your strong ties and weak ties. If your blog is really worthy, they will like it.

4)   Follow what other bloggers are writing about and post comments if you like their content. Do not post lame comments of course. That will earn you ‘spam’ tag. Whenever you post comments, share you site link. They will follow you from trackback. This will bring in visitors.

5)     Post your quality articles on articles directories. These are authority sites and if people like your content, they will visit your site for more.

6)     Take care of your site’s navigation and design template. They can create eye-sore and distract visitors.

So, you should not opt for paid-traffic unless you are not making money from that traffic. They just don’t justify ROI in your case. Everyday your blog fights with hundred thousands of other blogs within your vertical.


Everybody wants more traffic and morevisibility, and for that you need better page rank. Many bloggers try to bringin paid traffic through PPC campaigns. There are too many good sites to sourceyou quality traffic. But do you need them?


I think it's not a good technique buying traffic rather if it's possible to create quality content with proper keyword analysis and checking competitors site, generating traffic isn't so difficult. But thinking how's that possible? Yes, there are some free or affordable seo tools online that can help the bloggers here and as far as I know Colibri tool is great for these tasks which is found http://colibritool.com.

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