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How to get more blog traffic from Digg

Posted by Mohsin On 6/29/2012 04:52:00 PM No comments

Digg traffic boosterDigg is another well-known social bookmarking site and a user friendly platform. There is millions of users visit Digg per day. Those people are looking for good content to read. If you have good and original content to post you will get thousands of hits. It seems very easy, isn’t it? No, this is not that easy to bring traffic from Digg. So it is unlike Twitter since you can drive people to your website using Twitter is easy. But if you know the method of driving traffic from Digg, it will be an easy way to bring tons of visitors to your blog/website.  I have explained the methods below to drive tons of traffic from it.

Digg consists of different news rooms and separate front pages for each news room. Then there is a page called Top News. Your target should be to bring up your story to the Digg Top News page. How to do it? Once you Digg a story it first appears on the News Wire of that particular news room. Depending on the response of other Digg users it gets promoted to Front Page of that news room and then to Top News. For this promotion you need to get Diggs from other Digg members. If they feel your post is good they will Digg it. So you need more followers to get the maximum out from Digg.

Well, now you know what to do just after digging a post on Digg. Simply you need maximum number of Diggs to get it to Top News page. If it promoted to Top News you will get not thousands but millions of visitors to your blog/website.

Following are few tips on how to get traffic from Digg;

1.    Complete your profile

No need to say, in any social network you must fill your profile with related info. You must add your blog/website link in to your profile.

2.    Use appropriate username

Your user name must match with the content you are posing on Digg. If you are posting SEO tips and tricks it is better to use a username as SEO Guru, SEO Expert or something like that.

3.    Be an active member on Digg

Always read other peoples Diggs and Digg them on Digg. And don’t forget to comment on the stories posted by other members and followers. If you do so, others will dothe same for your posts.

4.    Digg, comment and Digg comments

You should not only Digg others posts but also it is better to make a comment on that particular post. You can also digg the good comments by thumb up to a specific comment

5.    Never Digg low quality content

All of the readers are looking for high quality and new content. If you Digg low quality content they will neglect you.

6.    Submit variety of posts in different news rooms

Use posts related to different categories. Select appropriate news room to post them.

7.    Take different sources for article submission

Don’t be a self-promoter.  People like to read different stories. If you always promote your own content people will go away from you.

8.    Use an eye catching title and a better description to your post

Your title will push your reader to read the article by visiting the source story. You should generate some curiosity inside your readers mind to go on.

9.     Follow other diggers

Follow others, they will follow you back. Digg their good posts, comment on them, then they will do the same for your posts.

10. Ask your friends to join Digg and Digg your posts

I think these tips are more than enough to get considerable amount of traffic from Digg. Digg this post and share it with other social networks if you feel this is helpful to you.


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