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How to Make Traffic Through Facebook

Posted by Mohsin On 6/21/2012 02:53:00 AM 2 comments

Facebook can be an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. No matter the purpose, scope or intended audience of your website and any business associated with it, Facebook presents the opportunity not only for you to share content from the site directly with your friends or fans, but for others who see the content to share it with their own social networks with the click of a button.

Step 1

Create a Facebook fan page for the site if you haven't already done so. Sign in to Facebook and select "Create a Page" from the bottom of the screen, then choose a category -- and, if applicable -- a subcategory for your website. Choose "Get Started," then upload a profile photo and input profile details to launch your page. Click the "Invite Friends" link on the right side of the page, then choose members of your Facebook friend list whom you think would want to become fans of the page.

Step 2

Send out bulletins on other social networking sites -- LinkedIn and Twitter, for example -- promoting the page to solicit fans. Since someone need not be your Facebook friend in order to "Like" your page, any registered Facebook user who comes upon the page can become a fan.

Step 3

Post regular, high-quality content not only to the Facebook fan page, but also by cross-posting it to your own personal Facebook profile. Sending updates to both your personal and professional networks maximizes the potential traffic increases you get from Facebook.

Step 4

Select "Developers" from the bottom of any Facebook screen, click "Add Facebook to My Site," then click "Social Plugins" from the heading "Core Concepts." Select "Like Button" or "Like Box," paste the URL to your fan page in and select "Get Code." Copy the code, then log in to your website and open the HTML file for your home page. Paste in the code and save the file. Now people who visit your website see a box that allows them to "Like" the page with a single click; this sends all updates you post to their news feeds, further maximizing the quantity of traffic you generate via Facebook.


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