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How to Promote a website

Posted by Mohsin On 6/01/2012 02:33:00 AM 13 comments

Best methods to promote your website and increase traffic

In this step we present the most powerful and tested ways in order to promote your website successfully and drive traffic to it. Of course, more traffic to your website means more money from Google Adsense and more affiliate sales! There are many ways to promote the website, others are free and others will cost you. We will focus on free methods to promote your website that require some specific actions from your behalf.
What are the two basic categories of traffic ?
Search Engine Traffic
This is the traffic that comes from search engines. The basic search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search engine traffic is targeted and free traffic. How this traffic is generated ? Simply, when somebody searches for sth related to your website topic, you want your website to appear in the first search results.
For example, if you own a website in the alternative energy topic, you want your website to be displayed in the first search results when someone searches for the terms "alternative energy", "alternative energy sources", "energy" etc. The exact meaning of SEO is explained in a separate part of our website.
Referral Traffic
This traffic that comes from other websites is named "referral traffic" How you generate this kind of traffic ? By creating backlinks ! Backlinks are links to your website that you create in other websites. For example, when you post an article in www.ezinearticles.com and in the end of the article you add a link to your website. That means that you just created one backlink to your website. Furthermore, someone may visit your website by clicking this link. In other words, you need to create links in other websites that link back to your website.
When you build backlinks in other websites, you may expect not only referral traffic but also a better position in search engine rankings ! By building backlinks you may expect these two things:
1) Visitors from other websites
2) SEO off-page that means a better rank in search engines that will result in more visitors from search engines. ( SEO off-page is explained in details below)
This image clarify better all these issues…
how to promote your website. SEO and backlinks explained
SEO on-page
 In this section we will refer to the SEO actions you have to do on your website. You make these actions during the creation of your website. These actions are alsmost the same, no matter what platform you use to create your website. WordPress, weebly, joomla …
While creating your website you will find some fields in which you should fill with keywords.
These keywords help search engines to specify the topic of your website. Depending on the platform you use to create your website, you may define keywords for your homepage, for each article, for each category and for each page (via Plugin All-in-one SEO Pack in wordpress or by selecting settings -> SEO in Weebly)
- There is also a field where you should define in a few words the topic of your website (or the topic of each page or post). This is very important, since Google displays the content of this field below the url of your site in the search results. In this field you must include the main keywords you want to rank. (Via Plugin All-in-one SEO Pack to wordpress or by selecting settings -> SEO in Weebly)
The keywords or tags, you want to rank should appear frequently but not excessively in the texts of your website.
The permalinks should be contructed in a search engine friendly way.
Permalink is the url of each page. Eg. The url http://buildwebsiteguide.com/step-7-website-promotion you see now at the top of this page is more friendly towards: http://buildwebsiteguide.com/?p=123 automatically generated by creating the site. You want the url, ie permalink, to display the main keywords of your website. When Google "locates" these keywords in the url, then it considers that your website is very relevant to these keywords, so it gives it a better position in the search results.
The website must not only contain texts, but also other multimedia items such as photos and videos. When you upload pictures in your website you should include the keywords you have targeted, in the name and in the description of the image.
You should install in your website Google Analytics (http://www.google.com/analytics/) and Google sitemap (http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/). Both can be installed using any platform you chose to build your website. Google Analytics is necessary as you see more statistics on traffic to your website and you can see what parts of your site are more attractive, from which country more visitors come from, what parts of the website make the visitor leave your website, bounce rate, etc. These data must be processed to make the appropriate improvements.
- The keywords should also appear in the titles of the articles and not only in their main text.
- The content should be unique in the internet and not pasted from other websites.
- Your website should have enough material and not appear like a one-page site.
- It is recommended to create links within your site that will refer to other areas within your website. For example, if you click on the word SEO, you will be redirected to another area in our website where you explain what SEO means. In tne word SEO we have created a hyperlink that points to another section of your website.
SEO Off-Page and quality backlinks
The actions performed outside your website are referred to as SEO Off-page. The common purpose of SEO Off-page is to create "quality" backlinks from other websites. But what is a Backlink?
Backlink is a link to your website located to another site on the internet. For example, when writing an article on www.ezinearticles.com where you incorporate a link that points to your website, that means you have a backlink. One of the main items that deserve your attention is the following. The backlinks should be in quality sites with high Page Rank. For example, a backlink from ezinearticles.com (PR 6) has more impact than a backlink from scooparticle.com has PR 3.
By creating Backlinks you achieve two main targets:
1. You get better Google Page Rank and when Google sees a lot of quality backlinks to your website, then your website is better evaluated so that Google gives us a better position in search results.
2. We acquire many traffic sources. Each backlink is a separate potential source of traffic. It is a differnt way for people to find you on the web which is FREE!

How to create backlinks for your website? 

You can create Backlinks in many ways. Here, we list the most important:
- The article marketing strategy . Explained below:
- By sending comments containing the link to your website on relevant topic blogs. So looking through Google for blogs related to your topic, and send comments that include a link to your site.
- By participating in forums that are related to your website. There you can post something related to the topic of the forum by adding a link to your website. Google search can help you find forums related to your subject.
- By submitting your website in the top social bookmarking websites like digg, delicius and stumble upon.
- By creating a profile on the following social network sites, in each profile you put a link on your site:
www.google.com (https://accounts.google.com)
- Through the creation of videos for your website published on Youtube and including a link to your website
- Through the website registration in web directories, especially when they have high PR. Web directories are lists of websites where the listed sites are divided into categories depending on their content. To see a web directory site you can visit www.dmoz.org The web directories that are proposed for inclusion with high PR are:
In the above web directories, the registration of your website is free. There are directories with high PR where an amount of fee is rewired. If you do not have enough time to enter one to one these web directories and register your website, you can delegate another person to make these entries.
What is Article Marketing strategy ?
Article marketing is the strategy of promoting websites or products by writing articles and publishing them mainly on Article Directories Sites, sites that publish articles on any topic. For example, you can write an article on alternative energy sources and at end of article you may write: for more info about alternative energy sources click here: www.your website.com. The article marketing strategy is very important to reach a better position in the search results and to get traffic to your website.
By publishing your article on these sites you get FREE traffic to your site. These article directories sites are very important for Google. This practically means that when a user wants to find information on any subject, the first page of search results will show one of this type of sites.
For example, when someone fills in the Google search bar the phrase "successful diet", 137 million results will appear, but within the first 30 search results, you will see an article from ezinearticles.com ( one of the most popular article directories sites). That means, by publishing your articles on these popular article directories sites you get a good amount of traffic to your article which comes from search engines and it is Free.
Furthermore, visitors to your site from article directories sites are usually more quality ones and potential buyers. So, if someone visits your site through one of your articles, this usually means that the reader is really interested in the subject of the article and visits the referred site to be more informed on this issue. On the other hand, any other advertising may lack quality since the user can click on an ad that you have placed (via google adwords) maybe because the banner was attractive and not because of real interest in your site. But in the case of article marketing , while the reader is redirected to your Site, it is more likely that one has read the article and is seriously interested in getting more info it is not an instantaneous reflex action because one saw an impressive and attractive image .
Your article might have one of the following characteristics:
To inform and give information about an issue and to refer to your site for more information.
To take the form of a review on a product you want to promote and by recommending this product through the incorporated affiliate link, you earn the commision.
How to write a quality article.
Firstly, before you write your article, you set your goal. Whether it will be an article providing information on a subject and refer to your site for additional information or an article to present the advantages of a product and eventually drive the reader to the official website of the product .
If your goal is a specific product, then you should mention the product's name in the title of the article, and o fcourse several times within the main content of your article. If your purpose is to drive the readers to your site you must include your targeted keywords in your article. The keywords should appear in the title of your article and in the content of your article.
For example, if you want to write an article about alternative energy sources, which is the content of the site you want to promote, then the whole phrase "alternative energy sourcse" should be included in the title and in the body of your article, so that the search engines (google , yahoo, bing) will recognize that your article is highly relevant to this issue. In addition, if search engines see the phrase "alternative energy sourcse" only in the text of the article, this can be considered as a simple reference for alternative energy sources and as a result it will not be displayed in the first search results.
A key issue that you need to know is that when you write an article and want to drive the reader to your site, it is not recommended to write for example "for more info click: http://www.online-internet-job.com It is better to write «for more info click here»and select the word here, then select this icon:
located in the main menu. Selecting this icon, a new field appears where you enter the website ie http://www.online-internet-job.com and what you achieve is the following. When the reader clicks on the word "here", then he is automatically redirected to your website without having seen the text of the affiliate link but only the word "here".
If there is no icon in the menu, then the above process can be easily done via an html code. So, you write: <a href="http://www.buildwebsiteguide.com"> Click here! </a> and only the words "click here" are displayed and by clicking there, the reader is redirected to your website.
So, write the following: <a href="your link"> Click here! </a> Note, the code should be written exactly as stated above! At the point you have written click here, you can write whatever you want, what you write there, will appear when you publish your article. You can choose «preview article» before publishing to check if the html code is interpretted correctly.
Key Features of a good article:
- The title should attract the reader's interest.
- This article should have a clear and easy to understand content.
- Motivating the reader to learn more about the subject and be encouraged to go to the link you wish to promote.
- The writer should have very good knowledge of the topic presented, so every issue should be explained by from all possible aspects.
- Bullets or numbering help the reader go through the article easily and fast.
- The article should have correct syntax and grammar
- Do not repeat words and ideas in order to prevent the reader from losing his interest.
- The article should be approximately 400 – 600 words long.
- You should include the target keywords.
- Your article should be divided into at least four paragraphs
If you want to see well-written articles you can visit the articles written by Sean Mize: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Sean_R_Mize He has written more than 24,000 articles in ezinearticles and he is expert at this field.
There are thousands of article directories sites on the Internet. Obviously, you should publish your articles in article directories sites with high PR. Some of these are stated here :
When writing an article and posting it to many article directory sites, it is recommended that you make some changes using synonyms or synonymous expressions, or by paraphrasing whole paragraphs. You should do these in order to avoid duplicate content with your links inside to be displayed in the internet .
If you do not have the time to do so, you can assign someone to submit your articles to the major article directories sites . You can find in Fiverr someone who can do this for you for as little as 5 dollars. More business solutions can be found in the company Submit Edge (PR 5). Through this company's site you can access to the major Article Directories Sites with their Page Rank . Just after entering the home page select Submit Edge Article Submission -> List of directories, no registration required for access to this list.
A secret method to build quality backlinks for immediate traffic.
Additionally, there is another way to create backlinks for your website that will bring you traffic quickly . Suppose you have targeted the keyword: alternative energy sources. So put that keyword in the Google search bar, and you concentrate on the first 20 search results. So, go through all the first 20 results and on each page you visit check if you can add a backlink to your site. For example, within the first 20 results you will find blogs or forums,where you can post a comment or a reply with a link to your website. You can write two to three phrases gaining the reader's interest, considering alternative energy sources. Then you can add the phrase: for more info click here: www.your website.com What you achieve is the following: Your backlink will be displayed within the websites that already have traffic coming from search engines.
This ensures almost guaranteed traffic as since the keyword has many searches per month and while users usually surf on the first search results, it is quite possible that some of them will be directed to your site from the backlink that exists there. Thus you take advantage of the existing traffic on these sites. You can do the same process for many keywords related to your theme since in most cases, different results appear. For example, you can put in the Google search bar the following words or phrases: alternative energy, alternative energy sources, alternative energy pros, renewable energy etc. Checking the first 50 sites displayed for each keyword, you locate where you can put a link to your website.
Instead of a blog or forum, in the search results, you may find sites that offer visitors the right either to write articles you see an option: add an article or write for us …., either to write comments on articlespublished there under the articles there may be the option "post a comment". Obviously in these cases either you should write articles or send a comment where you mention your website.
Apart from getting traffic from these sites, another important thing we should mention is that in this way you create backlinks in high PR sites, since in the first search results for each keyword, the sites displayed, often have high PR. So , this strategy improves your PR too.
This way of building backlinks is the most effective and can bring you very quickly much traffic to your website.
Closing the chapter "website promotion through SEO" we have to say that more detailed advice and guidance, and also the best tools needed to make a successful promotion of your website through SEO, either on-page or off-page are included in the Seomoz site . You should not wonder why Seomoz has 250,000 members worldwide, and Google Page Rank 7 / 10 You have free access to some educational material on SEO but if you subscribe to the company, you are given many tools, such as keyword difficulty tool which helps to target the right keywords to get traffic to your website.
Also, Marc Ostrofsky, who has achieved the highest domain sales and owns a position in the Record Guiness book, in his book "Get Rich Click" which is one of the best sellers in this market, offers many pages about how one can use the Seomoz to earn more money. One can try for free Seomoz services for the first month and then discontinue assistance without any obligation.
Conclusion. . .
If you want to make a website to make money online, you can simply follow this guide, understand the basic concept and start working on your project. All the methods described in this guide and in this website are tested and proven to work. Spend some time to work on this knowledge and keep visiting our website for more useful info about building a website to make money online. Try to read ALL the articles inside our website. You need to have as much as possible more and accurate advice on every subject related to this business.
If you liked our guide and you want to support us to continue offering FREE and useful advice to help youbuild your website and make money online, just click the button below and make your donation !


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